The Fine Print

A quick look at the plans for the former West Publishing site in downtown St. Paul.

The Fine Print

Riversedge total budget: $788 million
Requested public contribution: $80 million
Towers: 4
Hotel rooms: 168
Condos: 56
Apartments: 350
Office: Approximately 950,000 square feet in two towers
Retail: About 30,000 square feet
Parking: Up to 1,600 spaces

The former West Publishing site has been a longstanding redevelopment riddle for downtown St. Paul. Plans have come and gone, but now Los Angeles-based AECOM has won the nod from the Ramsey County Board as the site’s preferred developer. AECOM has big plans for the project, dubbed Riversedge. In late July, it outlined just how big. One huge unknown: Will the entire project get financed and built? —Burl Gilyard

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