Star Tribune Moving City Pages' Offices To North Loop Printing Plant

The Star Tribune, which now owns the alt-weekly paper, says it has unused space for staff it already owns.

The staff of the alternative weekly City Pages newspaper is slated to move to new office space inside the Star Tribune’s Heritage Center printing plant. The Star Tribune Media Co. acquired the City Pages in May from the Denver-based Voice Media Group.
Star Tribune spokesman Steve Yaeger confirmed the pending move to Twin Cities Business. Yaeger said that City Pages’ current lease for about 10,000 square feet in the Designers Guild Building in the North Loop neighborhood expires at the end of December. City Pages has leased space there since 1989, Yaeger noted.
Yaeger said that plans call for reconfiguring third-floor space that had been used for “miscellaneous storage” at Heritage Center into new office space for the City Pages staff.
“We have the space, we’re able to build it out,” Yaeger said.  Minneapolis-based HGA is the design architect for the space.
The Star Tribune-owned Heritage Center printing plant, at 800 North 1st Street in Minneapolis, is just a few blocks from the Designers Guild Building in North Loop, an area that’s drawing increasing demand from office tenants.
Yaeger said that City Pages currently has 39 full-time employees and distributes 50,000 copies of the free newspaper every week. After acquiring City Pages, the Star Tribune stopped publishing, its own free weekly.
Billionaire Glen Taylor bought the Star Tribune in June 2014.
Earlier this year, the Star Tribune newsroom relocated to snazzy new office space at the Capella Tower in downtown Minneapolis. The newspaper’s former headquarters at 425 Portland Avenue South in Minneapolis is being demolished to make way for the Downtown East Commons park.
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